Terms related vape juice and e-smoking

If you have just turned to Nasty Juice UK or e-smoking we will help you to understand everything. The hardest part in opting for vape juice is you would struggle to get the terms in the right manner. Some terms are a bit complex whereas some others are pretty simple to understand. However, you should allocate time to understand each term if you want to continue it for a long-term. Understanding the terms related to e-liquid can be a daunting task yet you should do it. So, let us get it done.

The simplest definitions for the terms

Let us begin with the simple terms. Here we go:

  • Vape juice, e-juice- All these terms offer the same meaning. It is basically about the liquid converted into vapors. A device is used in order to do this.
  • VG- this is vegetable glycerin. So, this is an additive which is extracted from the palm plants, mostly. The VG additive is used to create mild as well as many other vapors. This has a thick structure.
  • PG-This is an additive that you will find in regular products such as medications, cosmetics, toothpaste, and much more. This is propylene glycol and has been in the market for a long time. This is stronger than VG, but it does not create much vapor like VG. You can find different flavors of e-cigars because of this additive.
  • PG-VG ratio- This is another common term that you would come across. This actually means the proportions of PG and VG. The amounts will be mentioned in different ratios.
  • 50/50 e-juice- This is the mixture of VG and PG in the equal rates. This is the standard ratio of best vaping.
  • Max VG- this is when the blend has the higher percentage of VG i.e. around 85%. Although, this will have a lower percentage of PG. A vaping juice needs to have some flavors, if not it will not be interesting.
  • Nicotine- You will find two different ways on how nicotine can be expressed. Either in the form of percentage ormg. Both 12 mg and 1.2% indicates the same amount in a vape juice.

At first, you would find all these terms a bit confusing. But don’t think much, you will be able to understand it with time. You should understand the terms if you want to get the best experience of smoking e-cigars or vaping.