Techniques to use a lumbar pillow for painless back

A lumbar pillow is most wanted pillow for many people. In today’s world of work culture, many people sit in an office chair for a minimum eight hours. The time depends on the type of job they are working for. This long duration of sitting causes muscle sore, pain and cramps in spine. It is also a hectic thing for such people to travel for longer distances. In order to protect your back from pain, lumbar pillows are available in the market as well as online. You can stay free from cramps and pain using this pillow.

Right way to use a lumbar pillow

Many people buy and often use the product wrong. They cannot experience the complete advantage of the product. Hence here we provide the ways by which you can use a lumbar pillow and have a healthy day.

  • Shop: Yes. Research about lumbar pillow in every shop or website. Do not forget to read the specifications. Also look for lumbar pillows that come with covers. You do not have search a cover after you buying the pillow.
  • Have multiple pillows: Have a pillow for office, house, car, and for travel, so that you do not have to carry the pillow wherever you go. It increases the usage of pillow as it is available readily on your seat.
  • Right placing of lumbar pillow: It is recommended to place the chair vertically in the chair. The pillow must fit in the curve of the chair so that it helps in maintaining the natural curve of the spine. In addition to lumbar pillow, place a small stool at you feet, hence reducing all the pressure and tension you are giving to the spine.
  • Pillows for trips: If you need to travel in a car for more than fifteen minutes, then you should place the lumbar pillow. It is safe to use the pillow for longer distances. The nerve pain might be experienced commonly for travelers who travel longer distances. Usage of lumbar pillow can ease the pain and gives you comfort.
  • While sleeping: Yes. You can use the lumbar pillow while sleeping to have a good night sleep. Lie on your back and place the pillow under your knees. Many doctors have recommended this sleep posture to ease out body pains.

There are many sizes and material by which lumbar pillows are made of. You can research online to check them and buy the same in your retail stores.