How To Find Best Quilting Machine

Sewing is an art filled with creativity; it can be done by hand or by the use of a machine. Well, machines save a lot of time and thus scale up the production. Quilting is a hobby of many people and some do it for the purpose of living. Having in a quilting business has its own reward, as you can pursue from your comfort zone (home, small rented apartment etc.). However, if you want to secure a place in the minds of people and enhance productivity without affecting quality, then you need to have the best quilting machine. For more details check

Tips to select a quilting machine:-

  • There are various factors that are to be considering before you buy the machine, few of them you will witness here.
  • First of all, understand your reason for buying. If you want it for home usage then you can go for regular quilting machine and if you want for your business need then go for long arm machine. As for the making of the thick quilt, you require long arm one.
  • If you are going with regular one, then you have to ensure the proper functioning of various components like needle up and down control, motor speed control, pivot function and there should be large throat space.
  • If you are going with long arm one, then apart from above-mentioned, you can to look at components like frame adjustment, a weight of the machine, size of quilting space, proper provision of training, service and repair.
  • Now coming to brand option, you can go for any reliable brand which you like. There is no issue in that.


The next thing which matters is the warranty given by the company which range from 5 years to 25 years. Long arm machine comes with much warranty period, sometimes it is a lifetime. It is also recommended to read all the terms and conditions of the warranty card.

Well, these were a few tips that can help you to select the suitable machine. Apart from that how you use it will going to affect its performance. Things, like choosing a suitable needle, preparing in advance a sketch of design you want to quilt, can help you to perform sewing in a better manner. You can utilize this information but in the end it should be very much subjective, so go with your own preference.