Few Important Features of a web hosting plan

Some of the basic features that are followed by the best hosting companies in India include:

  • Disk Space:

Disk space is the amount of storage space that is given to you by the web host for storing your website files, emails, databases into it. Estimating the storage space you will need for the website is one of the important tasks to be followed while you plan to create a website.

  • Bandwidth:

Bandwidth refers to the amount of visitors allowed to your website by accessing it or leaving it. Whenever a visitor types the name of your website on browser, it is known as accessing and whenever you click on the pop up on that website to view or download an image or some video, is known as leaving.

  • FTP access:

FTP is known as File Transfer Protocol. This protocol is used for transferring your website files to the web server or vice versa. This helps you to upload or download the files from the web server and a good web host provides 24/7 FTP access to the website.


  • E-mail:

E-mail account is a common feature for hosting a website. Three types of e-mail accounts are:

  1. POP3 is known as traditional inbox that allows you to store your e-mails and to download a mail on the server, both at the same time.
  2. Forwarding mail accounts to another company to filter the mails for you is another option rather than storing it on your mail server, it will be redirected to another email address.
  3. Alias accounts are used to catch the emails sent to your email address but not to be recognized by the mail server. They are similar to forwarding mail accounts.
  • Up-time and Support:

No web host offers 100% guaranteed support and uptime to solve the issues on your website but you should always check on it before time. The web host services must always include backup and recovery for those unexpected cases.

  • Capacity:

A web host must always provide you with all the resources, which will be helpful in the growth of the company. The host should offer services that could help your company to easily move from shared hosting to cloud and in few years, dedicated server and so on.

  • User friendly interface:

Unless the host provides user friendly control panels on your website, it becomes quite challenging for a visitor to understand and use it. It’s always important to make sure the website is well featured, allow you to change the settings and manage the updates.