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Teaching and Learning Quran Online – Just Lift your Ignorance

If you are among the people who have dismissed or left your online quran classes then the first thing that you have to do is to think twice why you are doing so. Just know about all of your fears and after that, you should make a resolution that is firm enough to motivate you. Make sure that you must have a strong will to overcome each and every obstacle that comes in your way. Always try to remove all the inconveniences so that online Quran learning and teaching starts working for you. In this article, we are going to discuss Online Quran Teaching and how you can eradicate your ignorance. Let’s discuss it in detail.

How to Lift your Ignorance?

It is not a good sign that you are joining an online course just for the hype or you just want to improve your LinkedIn profile. The only way that can be beneficial for you is that you have strong intentions to learn and you are able to cure your ignorance. You should be sincere and if you will not do so you will just end up in wasting your time and money by signing up for online Quran teaching and learning that is providing you no long-lasting benefits.

Take Teaching as a Nobel Act

It is said that you should not learn to teach as teaching is a very noble act. When you are learning make sure that all of your intentions are just to resolve the shortcomings that are in your own self. All the things that you are learning are useful and you have to apply them practically in your daily life. You should think about all the alternatives and you also ask questions to your teacher related to all the things that are unclear in your mind. It will leave a lasting impact on your mind and personality and also it will be more than the impact that you get from a quote that is just posted on Twitter.

You have to take a few moments daily and in this time you have to close your eyes. Here you have to think two things. Why are you learning Quran? And what are you learning? If the answer that you get is so troublesome and it is unclear then you must make dua as it is the only hope to lift your ignorance and it will make a direct connection with your God.