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Causes of back pains

The back pains are linked with the muscle and ligament pain. And also they cause arthritis, Osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, herniated disk etc. These back pains are the most common among the people around the world.

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Arthritis-            Arthritis is a joint disease.  These affect our spine joints.  These are most common for women in or around 50 years. There are 100 types of arthritis and these can be cured through a healthy diet, physical therapy, and a meditation.

Osteoporosis-                   These are a compression fracture which causes the vertebrae when the bone is thinning.  Women around the age of 60 are common for them. These are suggested for the surgery in the worst case and also can be cured with a physical therapy also.

Spinal stenosis-                      Shortening the spinal canal is a spinal stenosis. It cases a severe back pain and it is also common among the women who are around 60 years. Most of the time it occurs on the neck or in the lower back. Most often spinal stenosis will not have any symptoms but, some may feel the pain, tingling, weakness in the muscle etc. physical therapy, some pain medications or the injections. It is suggested to have a surgery in case of the worst. Bur research says that 90 percent this kind of back pain doesn’t require surgery.

Herniated disk-                    The disk in our spine which sticks in our nerves and cause a pain to scatter in our leg and this is called Herniated disk. Having physical therapy and a healthy lifestyle can cure the herniated disk.

There are some tips so that one can prevent from the back pains.

  • Always bend your knees and try to use your core muscles while lifting the heavy things.
  • Maintain a healthy routine and a proper diet.
  • Do the things one by one instead of all at a time.
  • Have a good mattress from Mattress Firm Austin to get a good sleep.
  • For back pains, there are some special mattress that you can get from Mattress Firm Austin.
  • Have a regular exercise like jogging, running, and another exercise for the back pains.