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The 10 Most Unusual Bridal Traditions In The World

Infinity of things to do when you take the step of marrying and say the traditional “until death do you part” with who will be the man or woman of your “life”; associated with this, one can witness “rare” things and traditions from each country or from different cultures. Have a look to the strange wedding cultures.

Strange wedding cultures:

Following are the strange wedding cultures;

  • In Malaysia , for example, couples are forbidden to go to the bathroom three days before the wedding, eat little so as not to provoke the desire to have a date with the bathroom and are taken care of in the meantime by someone in the family, since if they break this rule, bad luck awaits them.
  • In African countries, specifically in Mauritania, the bride is subject to a very strong diet, not to be thin and to like the boyfriend more, but to achieve the opposite, to be fat since for that culture fat is a symbol of opulence and well-being. According to this belief, the woman will occupy a greater place in the heart of the husband and equal in its bed.
  • In France, it is customary to bury the unmarried boyfriend and that is done by putting a bottle of any dummy in a coffin and burying it, to erase the bad steps by which he walked previously. It is also customary for weddings to last two, or three days.
  • The Spaniards, have a faithful belief that if their wedding day falls a very strong rain, they will go wrong during their marriage, so before this happens, they give the nuns of the temple where they will get married, some eggs for the Poor Clares to pray for this not to happen.
  • In the United States, there is a tradition of jumping a broom, before giving the “yes”. This is known as jumping the broom, which symbolizes the union and that from then on will do everything together. This began in times of slavery when it was forbidden to marry.
  • In Greece they are very extravagant, they prepare banquets uncommon. The custom marks that as soon as the two are joined you have to break some dishes as a symbol of well-being for what is coming and the lady keeps some sugar in her bag to make her life sweeter.
  • In Egypt, they have a tradition that any male complies to the letter: pinching the bride. But this does not do the next husband, but the girlfriend’s friends as a representation that the blows that the husband will give her will not hurt and the good luck of the other girls will be transmitted to the spouse.
  • Blackening of the bride is the name of the custom in Scotland, where friends apply the “What happened yesterday?” And kidnap the boyfriend but not to take him with some girls of gallant life, but to bathe him in a repugnant substance, formed by elements like fish stock, eggs and different types of syrups, done this they walk by the city to announce the wedding.
  • Finally in Poland, the parents of the bride and groom offer some things that will symbolize what will come for them: they give them bread so that they do not miss the food, salt to cope with the difficult moments and vodka so that all the time there is encouragement in the relationship or that at least they put some crazy drunks.