Fake Tender And Umashankar tiwari

The frauds are very much prevalent with big events. The bigger the project, the bigger are the chances of fraudulent activities. One such case take made news in recent times were the fake tenders announced on the largest occurrence, the Kumbh Mela. The case of fake tender trapped some of the renowned business people and officials of the tourism department. Names of umashankar tiwari allahabad and other accomplices came forward lately.

Crores Of Trafficking

The case raised eyes on the vulnerability of the Uttar Pradesh Tourism department. The fraudsters dealt through social media sites and the fake tender got viral within a few days. Millions of rupees were transacted in the name of the tourism department. It was noticed by the officials later and they issued a message expressing no such tender. The planned mode of operation comprised production and a documentary film to lure the people. The dream project of the Kumbh Mela and the U.P government are actively looking to remove the fake tender. Few arrests were made in the capital city where Umashankar tiwari was accused as the mastermind behind the fraud. The people traced have revealed the exact details on how the crime was scheduled and implemented. The list of people that were affected by the fraud is still not clear. The additional chief security of the U.P tourism department revealed that the case against the fraudulent has been registered. The estimation of the dent is not completely known and there are many who are up with claims of trickery. One thing is sure that there is Crores of money that have been trafficked.

Net Of Frauds And Victims

The internet based e-tender in the name of Kumbh, trapped people from diverse professions and diverse cities. Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Bareilly Meerut, Gujarat, Mumbai, and Delhi based people have been infected by the social media deception. The interrogation of Umashankar tiwari is assisting the department to know more about the scam. The biggest questions that arise are that the mastermind and accomplices were in Naini Jail of Allahabad during the whole planning. The internet connectivity and social media have its own loops and access for the same in jails will certainly lead to other scams. The associates have been revealed from the Khurd area and the police have confiscated the sim cards and mobile phones. More details are expected to disclose with the call records and details.



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