A Guide on How to Get a Douane Inklaring Rusland

Whenever you send your shipment outside the city or when you hire to some transport for the shipment which needs to be send away from your city, the transport must get a custom clearance to deliver the shipment away from the city. With the custom clearance, it is not possible for the transport to cross the borderline of the main city.

How to get the douane inklaring rusland?

If you want to send a shipment to Russia, you need to get Delivered duty paid transport rusland. There are several steps involved in douane inklaring rusland and these steps needs to be followed strictly if you want to get your shipment delivered in a hassle-free manner.

Stages involved in douane inklaring rusland

  • Documentation Control – In this prepare the document carefully with all the details of the shipment, licenses or permits, and risk categories
  • Value Control – Verify the data of the shipment before shipping and price confirmation
  • Payment Control – Know the customs fees and duties VAT along with confirmation of preferences or exemptions.
  • Physical Inspection – Do inspect the shipment before shipping it to avoid any risks

When the above stages are closely checked, the chances of risks of douane inklaring rusland is eventually decreases and the shipment is delivered properly.

 What should the commercial invoice contain for douane inklaring rusland?

 For douane inklaring rusland, the commercial invoice must contain the following information.


  • It should include goods description which should include statistical codes or HS codes
  • Packaging should contain the details such as gross and net weight and packaging type and number
  • Currency in which the transaction is made
  • Country and origin where the shipment is departed
  • Information of both importer and exporter including Bank Details
  • Delivery Conditions and Release date of the shipment

When you get the above information correct, there won’t be any issue in the douane inklaring rusland transport shipment.


 As the custom procedures of Russia are very strict and they follow a very strict protocol, their regulations are way too extensive and keeps on changing. To send a shipment to Russia, you need to have an eye on the procedures of custom clearance every time you send a shipment to Russia. There are various organizations which can provide you various solutions for custom clearance such as DDP Solutions or Trading House Solution. So, get in touch with these organizations to know about the douane inklaring rusland for a hassle-free shipment delivery.

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