Kill the Devil Of Loneliness With Exciting Board Games

Do you feel bored at home during weekends? Wish you could enjoy a bit more with your family? Did you organise a party which went boring after a few hours? You know what are you missing? You are missing Vitamin Games! Yes a mere board game may seem old school today in the world of smartphones and technology based games but trust me it can do wonders to light up the time in your gatherings, be it family or friends.

FBHDTJ Still-life selection of board games (Monopoly, Chess, Cluedo, Scrabble) with playing cards and gambling chips

Board games are the oldest form of games. They are very enjoyable and fun to play. The most important thing a board game does is that it creates a personal contact with the people with whom you play. Different areas play different board games. It is not like that every board game is known how to play by everyone.  But now due to the connectivity of all corners of the world, board games have spread diversely  thus creating more fun while playing a new game. Purple Meeple Games can be called such an agent which spreads all types of board games through online sale.

Purple Meeple Games: The Story

Purple Meeple Games is a team of a husband and wife named Walter and Cathryn. They both were avid board gamers and were themselves very addicted to board games. They came up with this idea of setting a website to sell board games online after they became addicted to it. They were just like the normal people entangled in the digital world and getting themselves buried in their mobile and laptops when one day, one of their friends invited them to play a simple board game. They got really interested playing it that they now started playing every now and then.

Purple Meeple Games: The Objective

They realised all benefits of a board game which it can do in this tech driven world. Board games especially play an emotional role in uniting a group to sit together and interact. It also removes the fear of missing out from a person. This is very much needed today in this world.

Here at  you can get all types of boards games produced with good quality materials and attractive designs. They offer and make games for people of all age groups. They offer them at a very affordable price and even sometimes give offers to get them at even more lower price. Currently the most popular selling games in their site are- Treasure Island, Wingspan, The Lord of Rings, Just One etc.



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